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Creating "aha!" moments in
graphic design, corporate branding,
and B2B advertising.

ä-'...the moment you realize the big idea is the right idea.

KKR Design creates graphic solutions that help brands and businesses outperform and outdeliver their competitors. From Fortune 500s to sole proprietors – our experience and expertise includes energy, healthcare, real estate, manufacturing, and nonprofit, where our big ideas are always the perfect size!


We've been creating "aha!" moments for our clients, large and small, for more than 30 years.


Ask us how we can create one for you.

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If you're looking for a big idea, this is the right place.


Take a minute to look at some of the big ideas already created for several of our largest and smallest clients. Once you have seen or read enough to believe we can help your brand stand apart, email or call and we will contact you promptly. There is never a shortage of big ideas at KKR Design!


Kenny Ragland


Houston, Texas

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